Product Lists, Ordering & Delivery

To request a product list, simply e-mail us from our "Contact Us" page and request a product list.

The product list, including copies of our retail products, bulk variety packs and organic meat packs will be attached to the covering letter that specifies how to go about placing an order. We also offer you the opportunity to subscribe to our mailing group if you are interested in saving serious dollars on our weekly specials. All of your details are kept confidential and we will never forward your details to other entities. If you no longer wish to receive to weekly mail outs, simply mail us and ask to be removed from the group. We do not bombard you with mail, usually one or two per week maximum.

Our delivery service for metropolitan customers stretches as far south as Secret Harbor and north to Butler and encompasses every suburb along the way. We deliver south on the first Tuesday of each month and north on the third Tuesday of each month. Extra delivery runs occur during December and are booked out by mid November. Please remember this if you would like our fantastic Christmas products delivered to you.

We also send our premium organic and free-range products state wide. We currently deliver regularly to Dampier, Karratha, Kunnunarra, Port and South Hedland, Geraldton, Newman, Kalgoorlie, Esperance, Albany and the South West region of Western Australia. We also send products Australia-wide and have the facilities to prepare products for overseas travel.

We are happy to announce that, in conjunction with Foodvana, we have in place an arrangement to deliver to your door in Geraldton. These deliveries will be regular and the freight rate will be well below the costs of the usual transport companies.