Buy in bulk and SAVE!

Whole Grass Fed, Grass Finished Chuck (8-9kg, untrimmed) at $22.49/kg. (compared to retail price of $25.98/kg)

Purchase chuck as a whole piece at a highly discounted price. Each chuck weighs approximately between 8kg and 9kg.

SLICING -  If you would like your purchase sliced, our butchers will slice the chuck into steaks of 2cm thickness and vacuum pack it in bulk. Please select this option from the dropdown menu if you wish for your chuck to be sliced.

This product is supplied fresh, whole and untrimmed unless you select the option of us slicing your purchase for you.

PLEASE NOTE: The price shown is a deposit. We will send an invoice for the remaining payment once we have the exact weight of your item. 

Full payment must be received before item is delivered or available to be picked up in store.

Whole Grass Fed, Grass Finished Chuck (8-9kg)

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