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Whole Grass Fed, Grass Finished Striploin (5.5-6.5kg, untrimmed) at $38.99kg (compared to retail price of $41.98kg)

Purchase sirloin as a whole piece at a highly discounted price. Each striploin (sirloin) weighs approximately between 5.5kg and 6.5kg. Price shown is the deposit amount only. We will send an invoice for the remaining payment once we have the exact weight of your item.

Butchers Tip. A great product to roast or for steaks. Easy to slice and guaranteed to be tender, tasty and a highlight of your meal. Simple to season with cracked black pepper and sea salt and leave the fat on for best results.

This product is supplied fresh and vacuum packed.

Full payment must be received before item is delivered or available to be picked up in store.

Whole Grass Fed, Grass Finished Striploin (5.5-6.5kg)

Customer Reviews

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Christopher Hammerer
Meat as a gift

1) High quality product, but I did specify it was a gift for a birthday; it would have been appreciated if the receipt was not included so the gift receiver didn’t know how much it costs.
Maybe consider adding such an option to your website.
2) When I spoke to the butcher in the phone, he stated that when I ordered it online (it was explained that online orders were the only possible way) I would be prompted to pay a deposit first, then value of the Striploin would be determined, then I would be invoiced for the balance.
When I ordered online, I was only given 1 choice of price. Thus, from the explanation from the butcher, I have no way of knowing if I over paused OR was overcharged.

Hi Christopher,
Taken on board the option of hiding the price for situations such as yours. All that was needed was for you to put it was as a gift in the notes section of the order form that the item was a gift and to not price the order up or provide a receipt. It was me you spoke to on the phone but I don’t do all the orders and my staff were only going on what information was given.
You are correct that the only way to order is online. As I explained, it is to maintain the integrity of our stock inventory system. As every carcass we purchase is of differing weights, the amount first paid is the deposit and the balance is invoiced to the customer. This is all explained on our item description for whole primals, sides or quarters. We are more than happy to text you photographic evidence of the items cost if requested.
Hope this clarifies things for you.

Renee Eves

Great value and absolutely mouth watering good quality meat.

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