Our Growers and Why We Support Them.


Blackwood Valley lamb is the market leader in WA for premium, grass-fed lamb. Grown on the same pastures as the famous Blackwood Valley Organic Beef, these Dorper/ Wiltshire cross lambs product exceptional flavor and tenderness. Only available in limited stores in WA, this exceptional product exceeds all expectations time and time again. Do your self a favor and serve this product up for your next family occasion.



Linley Valley free range pork is the barometer for pork in WA. We insist on only female free range pigs to eliminate to incidence of boar taint. We use this supplier for all of our pork products including our famous nitrate & sugar-free bacon, hams and small goods. Always tender and moist, it is sure to appease the most discerning dinner guest. 

 We are proud to announce that we have secured a continual supply of Western Australia's premier Organic beef. Blackwood Valley Organic beef is 100% grass fed and hails from the lush pastures of Boyup Brook in our South West. All Blackwood Valley Organic beef is graded to Meat & Livestock Australia's MSA grading system and attains the highest possible markers for tenderness, flavor, color and eatability. Truly 100% grass-fed, you can not beat this wonderful local product. For more information, visit www.blackwoodvalleybeef.com.au

The Liberty brand of chicken is used for all of our fresh chicken and value added chicken products. Unlike other "free range" chickens sold in WA, these birds are grown without a diet based on GMO grains. They are the closest we have to a locally grown Organic chicken and represent exceptional value for money. 

After years of searching for locally grown, certified organic pork we are happy to announce that we have found a local supplier who ticks all the boxes. Darrell Boase has a fully certified organic farm in York, only an hours drive from our store. His pigs are living the dream! Free to range in large paddocks and forage their way through large open spaces, they are the epitome of happy pigs. We are now able to offer fully certified organic nitrate and sugar-free bacon, ham and small goods as well as a full range of fresh organic pork options.