We offer a vast and diverse product range that caters to everyone's tastes and needs. We specalise in oven ready meal solutions, highest quality Organic steaks, our own range of Gluten and Preservative-free sausages, game meats including Venison, Crocodile and Kangaroo and value-added roasts that are sure to add the "WOW" factor to your next event.

We produce all of our naturally smoked products in-store using organic chestnut wood chips sourced from our south west. We are the market leaders in the production of totally chemical-free bacon, ham, turkey bacon, streaky bacon and speck. Our nitrate-free range contains no preservatives, colour or flavor enhancers, gluten products or sugar. We do not substitute nitrates with other harmful, man-made chemicals.

Our range of home made sausages are free of gluten and preservatives and are a result of our never ending quest to produce the perfect sausage. Our new range includes Garlic & Pepper Pork; Pork & Fetta; Beef, Garlic & Oregano; Lamb & Minted Peas and Lamb, Basil & Oregano. We are in the process of developing further recipes that will enhance our range and link the words "healthy" and "sausage" like never before. Our sausages are low-fat, made with organic or free range meat products and we insist on only using natural sausage skins. our entire sausage range, except for the Pork & Fetta sausages, are 100% Paleo compliant.

Our product range includes Organic, free-range chickens and chicken pieces and Organic, free-range Turkeys. These products are sourced from the Eastern states and are delivered to us frozen. We also stock free-range Ducks and Geese, Quails, Pheasants and Spatchcocks. During the summer months we carry fresh, local, wild caught fish and seafood. Also available are gluten and preservative-free curry sauces and organic apple sauce to complement your meal.

We have just secured a continual supply of certified organic pork grown and raised in Goomalling. We will be now able to supply fully organically certified nitrate & sugar-free bacon, ham and small goods.  

Our Product Range