All of our products are
Free from antibiotics, pesticides, hormones and 100% GLUTEN FREE
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Across the Perth Metro, Perth Hills & Regional Western Australia
We are a 100%
All orders are placed online for either delivery or pick up at our Mundaring store

Meat Packs

The Family Meat Pack

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The Weekly Meat Pack

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The Freezer Pack

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The Couples Pack

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all of your products ethically sourced?
Yes. We are passionate about the ethical and humane treatment of animals and support and endorse farming practices and principals that are applied in growing animals "as nature intended." We do not stock any animal that has been grown under intensive growing practices.
Are all of your products antibiotic & hormone free?
Yes. We only stock certified Organic, Free Range & Grass Fed meat, which must be free of antibiotics, hormones and other nasty chemicals in order to receive and maintain certification.
Are all of your products Gluten Free?
Yes. To eliminate any risk of cross contamination, our store is 100% Gluten Free, including all of our crumbed & marinated products, sausages, pies, sauces and smallgoods.
Do you sell Paleo friendly products?
Yes! A large portion of our products are catered towards people following a Paleo lifestyle or those just looking for extra nutrients and to cut out unnecessary preservatives and sugars. Check out our Nitrate Free & Sugar Free smallgoods or our Nutrient Dense products on our online store.
Do you offer member discounts?
Yes! We offer a VIP membership for a one off cost of $5.50 (to cover the cost of the card) which will give you access to 5% off everything on our online store, including our weekly specials! You can find our VIP membership on our online store.
Do you deliver?
Yes! We offer weekly delivery services to the Perth Hills & Perth Metro area. We also offer delivery services to regional Western Australia using local chiller freight companies. For more information regarding deliveries check out our deliveries page in the main menu.