Christmas Orders & Deliveries
By placing an order,
you agree to the following:


  • Our loyalty card discounts to not apply to Christmas products. 
  • Please note that our shop front will NOT be open. All orders are to be placed online only.
  • Orders placed early will be given priority for delivery. There will be a limited amount of delivery spots available for the week of Christmas.
  • Our delivery schedule for Christmas week 2023 is as follows:
    • Monday 18th - North - any suburb south of Beach Rd
    • Tuesday 19th - South - any suburb south of the river and north of Mundijong Rd (will also include Baldivis, Waikiki and Rockingham)
    • Wednesday 20th- Local/Central (as per normal local run)
    • Thursday 21st - North - any suburb north of Beach Rd, as far north as Butler
    • Friday 22nd - South - any suburb south of Mundijong Rd, as far south as Mandurah
    • Please note that there will be one delivery run to each of these areas only on the week starting 18/12/2023. If we are unable to deliver your order because no one is home to accept the order or there are not eskies out for us to pack the order into, the order will be returned to our premises in Mundaring and it will need to be picked up before noon on December 22. There will be no refunds on orders returned to the shop and we will hold the order until January 31 then dispose of it  if it has not been collected.
  • Minimum order value for delivery is $250 and orders under $300 will incur a $30 delivery fee. Cut off times for deliveries will be 7 days prior to your delivery run. If your order is below the minimum required for our Christmas week delivery run and you do not wish to pay the $30 delivery fee, delivery will occur the week prior. 
  • If you wish to pick up your order in-store, please note that Christmas orders are to be picked up by noon, Friday the 22nd of December. Please ensure that you include your desired pick up date when placing your order. Any orders left in store will not be refunded. You may request to pick up your order on an earlier date. Pick ups are during regular business hours only. Refer to our contact us page for this information.
    • The products we deliver will be frozen with the only exceptions being ham, smoked turkey breast, bacon and cold meats. Everything will be vacuum packed with weights and use by dates on the labels. If you open the vacuum packaging, the use by date is no longer applicable. 
    • Always defrost your products in the refrigerator to ensure food safety
    • Once the products are removed from the vacuum packaging, never leave any product in plastic in the fridge as this will compromise the shelf life. 
    • If for any reason the vacuum packaging has failed or there is a hole in the vacuum bag, treat the product as a “fresh” product and treat it accordingly. 
    • Our orders are dispatched in cardboard cartons, NOT foam eskies. The cartons will not keep the products cold once they are removed from refrigeration. We do not leave cartons at your front door. If you instruct us to do so, we will not be held responsible for anything that occurs to your order. 
    • If you are having your order delivered and are unsure that you will be home on the day of delivery, please leave sufficient eskies outside for the driver to repack your order into it. If there is not enough room in what you have left out for the driver, the order (or part of the order that will not be in the esky) will be returned to the shop. It will be your responsibility to collect your order from the store. Refunds will not be given under any circumstance. 
    • If any part of your order is returned to our shop, it is your responsibility to pick the order up from the shop prior to 12pm on December 22nd. 
    • Under no circumstances will we allow you to cancel your order and receive a refund once your order has been placed. Nor will there be delivery fee refunds once your order is loaded onto the delivery vehicle. 
    • Our metro delivery service will cover the area between Butler and Mandurah.
    • Regional Customers - please place your order by the 4th of December to be delivered by freight. Please note we can not guarantee your order will arrive in time due to 3rd party freight companies. Please call us in store on 9295 1067 to organise freight.
    • Our website will be disabled from the 22nd of December until the 7th of January 2023 and we will resume business as usual on the 9th of January 2024.